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Brooks Glycerin 9

Item Number: 110097-337

Unavailable: Sorry, this product is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please Contact Us with questions or for an alternative recommendation.


  • Type: Structured
  • Manufacturer's Category: Neutral
  • Pronation Control: Neutral
  • Weight: 11.8 oz
  • Height: 24/14 mm (Heel/Toe)
  • Drop: 10 mm
  • Features: Brooks® DNA / BioMoGo / Full-length Caterpillar Tech / Omega Flex Grooves / HPR Plus / Cush Pod Construction / Omni Grooves


  • The Glycerin 9 will make your feet even happier. With Brooks DNA now running the full length of the midsole, this shoe continues to raise the bar and set the standard for out-of-this-world comfort. Brooks has upped the stakes even further with the introduction of Omega flex grooves that enhance flexibility and improve gait efficiency—for the smoothest, most comfortable run possible. Talk about happy feet!

    Category: Neutral
    Weight: 12.1 oz.
    Platform: Universal
    Construction: Strobel



    • Full-length Brooks DNA
    • Full-length BioMoGo
    • DRB Accel
    • Full-length S-257 Cushole
    • Full-length Caterpillar Tech
    • Universal Sprung Platform


    • HPR Plus
    • Forefoot Cush Pod Construction
    • Soft Blown Rubber Forefoot


    • Profile Sockliner
    • Conformable Saddle Construction
    • Moisture-managing Element Mesh
    • Microfiber Overlay Materials
    • Synthetic Overlay Materials
    • Moisture-managing Element Lining

    Brooks DNA

    Brooks DNA provides custom cushioning for runners of all types and sizes. Engineered from what's called a non-Newtonian liquid, this midsole technology responds to the amount of force placed on the foot and disperses the pressure, providing just the right amount of resiliency. Simply put, you can expect soft comfort when you want it, firm support when you need it.


    BioMoGo is the world's first-ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes. It is a non-toxic, natural additive to the MoGo compound that encourages anaerobic microbes to munch away once it hits an active enclosed landfill. Traditional Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsoles can last up to 1,000 years in a landfill. BioMoGo’s microbial munch rate is 50 times faster, biodegrading nutrients into reusable byproducts. Over the course of, say, 20 to 25 years or so, Brooks alone can save 29.9 million pounds of landfill waste. For you pigskin fans out there, that equals 1,277 football fields covered one shoe deep!

    DRB Accel

    Shank-like thermoplastic device provides torsional rigidity to midfoot, enhancing support while allowing the heel and forefoot to act independently.

    Caterpillar Crash Pad

    This segmented crash pad customizes the individual's lay down with just the right amount of cushion and stabilization, giving the runner a smooth heel to toe transition.

    HPR Plus

    A higher durability, abrasion-resistant rubber outsole compound that wears longer.

Reviews: Brooks Glycerin 9

4 out of 5

Reviewed by 6 customers

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  • Brooks are the best shoes I've ever worn but...

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/3/2012
    Reviewer: | Los Angeles, CA
  • 4 out of 5 I have owned two pairs of the Glycerin series 6 and one pair of the 8 and they were amazing shoes. The series 6 were the greatest shoes that I have ever owned. The series 8 were good as well but I barely got 300 miles out of them. The series 9 feel bulky in some areas of the foot and I am getting toe injuries on the pads of my feet where I push off. Never had this happen in my life with any shoe. I always buy a size larger to compensate for feet swelling but I wish I hadn't with the 9's because they already have ample space to start with. I will continue to buy Brooks shoes I just hope they get back to what was working so well with the series 6.

  • airy light & custom fit

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/10/2011
    Reviewer: | pittsburgh, pa
  • 5 out of 5 I love these shoes, at first fit, they feel a little bulky in the heel, but after you get running in them, they just feel right. i'm a mid to toe strik runner and they are perfect. although i don't like to heel strik, i did a steep downhill 3 mile run, that normally kills my shins and calfs, but with these shoe nothing. would recommend this shoe if you run a lot of paved roads, i do 25 - 60 miles a week, also they look great.

  • Pretty shoe...really weird fit

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/9/2011
    Reviewer: | Wylie Texas
  • 3 out of 5 I am a Neutral/Under with the corresponding average to high arch, 5'9" 162, running 30-40 miles a week. I have been happily using the Brooks Launch in the same 10 1/2 size and D width with no issues. Wanting to try something with a little more cushioning for long training runs on concrete, I was really hoping this would be the ticket. I got these 1/2 size up, which gave me plenty of clearance and room in the toe box. Unfortunately, in the middle and arch area of this shoe your foot just runs out of real estate. They end up being really tight! Although these shoes are designed for an average to high arch, they cramp the top of the foot so much that I couldn't ever get a comfortable fit. They wrap nicely in the heal, but end up just crushing the top of your foot. There is so much cushioning that with anything but flat arches, there isn't any room for your foot, even lacing these up stupid loose. Going a full size up feels like wearing tight clown shoes because of the added length. Otherwise, this would be a pretty nice cushioned trainer. I'm really disappointed that Brooks can't figure out how to dial in it Neutral/Under cushioned shoes for the runner with anything but a narrow foot and a flat arch. I have experienced the same issue with their Cascadia. Guess I'll be sticking with the Launch.

  • Best Shoes I have owned

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/7/2011
    Reviewer: | San Jose
  • 5 out of 5 I have owned a ton of shoes in my 30 years of running and these have been the absolute best shoes I have run in. I am a neutral runner averaging about 20-40 miles per week, depending on the event I am training for. I run asphalt, gravel and trails. The Glycerins provide great traction, a good road feel and outstanding cushioning. Some of the hills I run are so steep you are on your toes going up and hanging on for dear life going down. I am amazed at the traction they have, giving me confidence that I won't end up skidding down the trail. I have been able to increase my pace by well over a minute per mile. Over the past three years I have not been able to do much, if any speed work due to a nueroma I have been dealing with. The Glycerins have changed that, and I am able to slowly get that part back into my work outs without the pain incurred by the nueroma. I truly believe it is due to the increased cushioning the shoe provides. I lowered my last marathon time(Big Sur) by 20 minutes over my last four years. My last 4 pairs of shoes, all from the same manufacturer always gave me slight discomfort in the knees, and felt like they were not cushioning as well as I needed. Since I have been exclusively running the in the Glycerins that discomfort is gone. I am definitely buying a second pair and rotating them. For this old marathoner this is an outstanding shoe.

  • good for new starter

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/2/2011
    Reviewer: | KY
  • 4 out of 5 i m not a workout or runner.this shoe is good for walking or running, i got for my daily use, but it starts hurting after 9 hours. good if you wear for walk or running

  • Best Glycerin Yet

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/1/2011
    Reviewer: | San Fran, CA
  • 5 out of 5 Easily the best Glycerin yet...much improved over the version 8. Noticeably more flexible, which makes the shoe feel "fast" with the sprung toe...much more so than version 8. Cushioning is nice...not mushy but has a "ping" to it...I also like the changes to the upper in the midfoot and the heel area feels more comfortable. Only minor gripe would be the toe box which is on the roomy side but I can live with that, otherwise this is a great update and the best Glycerin yet. Nice job Brooks.

Brooks Glycerin 9 Black / Pavement / Lime Green

About Brooks Glycerin 9

  • The next generation of the Glycerin has arrived. An update to a neutral shoe hailed as "Editor's Choice" by Runner's World in Spring 2010, the new Glycerin includes a thicker, softer midsole that provides the right level of support you need. How can a shoe be so smart? Because it contains Brooks DNA, custom cushioning created from non-Newtonian liquid. Simply put, you can expect soft comfort when you want it, firm support when you need it. This technology is now carried throughout the entire length of the midsole. Step into a shoe that feels just right.

About Brooks

Brooks collage For almost 100 years Brooks has been runners' go-to gear brand. Its employees not only are professionally dedicated to the sport; they are runners themselves. With a motto like "a perfect ride for every stride," it's no surprise that Brooks pays special attention to fit. Its shoes come in a vast selection of sizes, widths, supports and cushioning. Backed by breakthrough running technology advancements like Brooks DNA, its footwear line helps athletes get the most out of their running shoes. While committed to producing great gear, Brooks also strives to make more environmentally conscious decisions regarding design, fabrics and processes.
US Men US Women UK Men UK Women Europe Unisex Japan Men (cm) Japan Women (cm)
3.5 5 2.5 3 35.5 22.5 22
4 5.5 3 3.5 36 23 22.5
4.5 6 3.5 4 36.5 23 23
5 6.5 4 4.5 37.5 23.5 23.5
5.5 7 4.5 5 38 24 24
6 7.5 5 5.5 38.5 24.5 24.5
6.5 8 5.5 6 39 25 25
7 8.5 6 6.5 40 25 25.5
7.5 9 6.5 7 40.5 25.5 26
8 9.5 7 7.5 41 26 26.5
8.5 10 7.5 8 42 26.5 27
9 10.5 8 8.5 42.5 27 28
9.5 11 8.5 9 43 27.5 28.5
10 11.5 9 9.5 44 28 29
10.5 12 9.5 10 44.5 28.5 29.5
11 12.5 10 10.5 45 29 30
11.5 13 10.5 11 45.5 29.5
12 11 11.5 46 30
12.5 11.5 12 46.5 30.5
13 12 13 47.5 31
14 13 14 48.5 32
15 14 15 49.5 33
16 15 50.5 34

Size up
We recommend ordering Brooks running shoes 1/2 size to one size larger than normal dress shoes.

Select width
For women's footwear, B is the standard width. 2A is narrow, D is wide, and 2E is extra wide. For men's footwear, D is standard, B is narrow, 2E is wide, and 4E is extra wide.

Unisex sizing
Ladies, when ordering "unisex" shoes, order 1.5 sizes smaller than your usual women's size.